For many years, Leadership DeKalb has held a program day called Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). In 2013, the organization reviewed the evaluations and surveys for this program day and decided it was time to make a few changes. The surveys reflected the desire by leaders for a deeper and more meaningful dialogue, but not just dialogue, they wanted instruction, too. In 2014, the Board of Directors of Leadership DeKalb, in partnership with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, made significant changes to D&I Day. We moved the program day to the beginning of the year because we felt the D&I lens was very important to view all other topics like Government, Justice, Health, Education and Economic Development. We engaged a new facilitator, Al Vivian, CEO of Basic Diversity, Inc., a well-known and accomplished facilitator in this space with many years of experience working with leaders on this topic. There is significant resource invested for this particular day. We are committed to creating and ensuring inclusive behavior as an organization because we believe good leadership begins with good human beings. There is no greater time than now for leaders to stand and lead the way. When we fail to engage in inclusive practices as Americans, we deny the basic human rights afforded in our own governing documents. We cannot allow this to continue to happen. We want to remind our Leadership DeKalb alumni and the current class that you are empowered to act and demonstrate inclusion. You are leaders with influence in your own organizations and in your communities. We want to be a resource and a safe space to help you manage through these difficult times. We want to invite you to a special virtual discussion “Diversity & Inclusion: What is the right path?” The conversation will be moderated by Maria Balais, Executive Director of Leadership DeKalb and the panel will include:

• Al Vivian, CEO, Basic Diversity, Inc.

• Bradley Wilkinson, Delta Concepts, Inc.

• Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado, Author and Civil Rights Historian

• Brandon Smith, Class of 2020, Arabia Mountain High School and Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, DeKalb County School District

• Trinyty Turner, Senior, Tucker High School, Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, DeKalb County School District

This webinar was previously broadcast on June 24, 2020.