Leadership DeKalb will be hosting the two open houses for Class of 2022 applicants on March 9th and March 16th. A panel of Leadership DeKalb alumni will be present to discuss the program and answer any questions.

Register to attend - https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0tfuysqTwqGdG4QV_KFMKWtOgHjANqrZ5B March 8th Open House Panelists:

  • Alok Pandya Class of 2020
  • Anne Blair Class of 2020
  • Christopher Matos-Rodgers Class of 2019
  • Toni Hannah Class of 2015 March 16th Open House Panelists:
  • Charcia Nichols Class of 2021
  • Dorian DeBarr Class of 2015
  • Beth Keller Class of 2015
  • Brock Beisel Class of 2020
  • Greg Sims Class of 2021
  • Shara Sanders Class of 2017